February 9th, 2011


Shout Out for Jericho

Please post/send the Shout Out message to as many fans as you can.
We want to spread the word that the Jericho comic is back!
Post the message in forums or e-mail rangers that are not checking the boards. The Shout Out idea was inspired by Chris Castagnetto from the Save Jericho! Facebook Page.

Redsox1986 and Ratkeeper

Shout Out for Jericho

The Jericho comic is BACK and our new publisher is IDW. Issue #4 will be in stores on February 16th. For those who missed issues 1-3, they are being republished as the Jericho Redux (in stores on 2/9).

You can order the print version of the comic two ways:
1. At your local comic shop. Go to http://www.comicshoplocator.com to find a store near you. The order codes are Redux-DEC10 0373 and Issue #4-DEC10 0371.

2. Order from the IDW on-line store: https://shop.idwpublishing.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=jericho

The digital version of the Jericho comic will be available through iTunes approximately 4 weeks after publication:
Digital Redux is scheduled for March 8th
Digital Issue #4 is scheduled for March 15th.

If you already pre-paid for your order with DDP, then your information has been given to CBS. CBS will automatically ship your comic to you. If you need to change your address, then please contact CPAssistant2@CBS.com

Buy the comic, so we can get more Jericho!